Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Come in and squeeze the Squishables!  They are HUGE, adorable, and very squeezable, and you can't help laughing when you see them.  My favorite is the giant hedgehog.  We're thinking of keeping the owl as a store mascot (to stand in when Jane's not here).  Stephanie thinks we should name him Mr. Know it Owl, but we're open for suggestions.

 They'd make great gifts for people of all ages.  Little kids love 'em almost as much as college students.

Local Authors Event with Joy Castro

Thanks to everyone who came for our 7th annual Local Authors Event Sunday, November 6.  We especially thank Joy Castro for the very informative presentation on how to write a mystery novel.  Joy teaches in the English department at UNL, mostly creative nonfiction, but her first two mystery novels are under contract with St. Martin's Press--the same press that published the first 16 of Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum novels.  Joy's first novel comes out in July 2012.  We hope it's a huge success for her and that she'll host a launch party at Chapters next summer.

CaSondra Poulsen, Victorine Lieske and Charlie Volnek
It was good to meet Charlie Volnek and a few others who were new to our Local Authors event.  It's always fun see the "regulars," too, and to hear what they are working on and give them the opportunity to network and discuss their projects.  

We have many of their autographed books in stock at Chapters, so stop in sometime and see what your neighbors are writing!